Beach Brothers Contracting of Tidewater is a Design-Build contractor. This allows our customers to have a turnkey project from the Pre-Construction Design Agreement to the actual build process.

Pre-Construction Design

During the Pre-Construction Design process, the customer will work hand in hand with our designers to create the perfect layout and make all finish selections for the project. Once the design is finalized, our designer then creates realistic 3D renderings as well as all permit drawings. In the final step of this process, our designer will meet with you to review the entire package. Once the final approval is obtained from the customer, the package is submitted to Beach Brothers Contracting to complete the build contract.


Beach Brothers Contracting will then submit all approved drawings, specifications, and surveys to the required City or County to obtain all necessary permits. Upon the issuance of the permit, the project will be scheduled for a start date. This date is communicated with the customer and a pre-construction meeting is scheduled to go over what to fully expect moving forward.

Customer Portal

It is our desire to make sure that we keep open lines of communication with each customer. You will have access to our Customer Portal through this entire process where you can directly message our support staff should any issues arise.
We’ll build for you like it was ours!